Wallet Style

I am a big believer that wallets are an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. They contain the majority of everything important to us bar the phone.

But I believe that the correct wallet needs to be used for the correct situation and that changing them should be done for each event and not when one has been worn to death.

You cannot take your receipt filled/clubcard filled everyday wallet out with you to a smart event. Not only will this ruin the line of your clothing and cause pocket sag, this will be a bulky anchor you’ll be dragging around all evening.

Thinking ahead to the event should be the essential step to take to accessorise correctly –

Smart events [trousers/fitted jeans] –

Bank card/Identification/Some cash – Notes only

Day to Day – [jeans/leisure trousers]

Loyalty cards/Bank Cards/Credit Cards/Cash – Notes and coins/Security cards

What do you think?



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